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Company description

Modafirma is a London/ Barcelona based social commerce platform in the remit of fashion we provide the technology via customisable CMS based boutiques and galleries for independent, emergent and talented designers to sell and showcase directly to customers globally thereby, surpassing rigid supplier-buyer networks that exist within the fashion retail market. 


In the space of 5 months modafirma has gone on to secure over 125 designers from over 25 countries globally who are actively selling and showcasing on our platform.

Our  aim is to become one of the leading social commerce fashion platforms globally in the next 3-5 years.

Business model

Subscription based and revenue share (commision on sales) dependent on the level of boutique chosen. In the long term we also plan to capitalise on potential revenue via advertising.

Competitive advantage

We are currently the Only social commerce platform in the remit of fashion  that operates our business model.