MobiQpons Inc.

MobiQpons Inc.
The coupon destination for the people on the go!
Sunnyvale, California, United States United States
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Company description

MobiQpons is on a mission to become the coupon destination for the people on the go. MobiQpons has free apps for consumers available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Mobile Web. Users can see offers within a ten-mile radius of their GPS location. MobiQpons apps have been quoted in various publications including Time magazine, New York Times, NBC, ABC, and Inc. Magazine. MobiQpons enables local businesses to easily create, customize and distribute their offers to local customers. MobiQpons helps merchants with new customer acquisition as well as with driving repeat customers to their locations.

Business model

1.DIRECT REVENUE: We charge merchants a flat monthly  subscription fee. For that fee, merchants can create an unlimited number of offers in real time and send up to a fixed number of emails and sms messages from the system to their current customers. After the fixed messages in that month have been used, they can buy more messages from us. 

Please check out the plans page here for more details:


2 PARTNER REVENUE: We also partner with several publishers of free papers, magazines, TV stations, radio stations, etc who have an existing sales force. They sell our service bundled into their service either under the MobiQpons brand or under their own brand. We charge publishers a setup fee and a monthly fee. Some of our partners are This Week Magazines in Hawaii, the largest tourist publication in the USA, and Los Angeles News Group (LANG).




Competitive advantage

1. Most number of platforms supported: iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Mobile Web

2. Most advanced back end tools as opposed to any competitor: For e.g. White label of entire platform possible easil (5 white label partners already in the app stores- Local Offers, SoCal2Go, HawaiiQpons, ActQpon, Radar Coupons)

3. Extreme attention to user experience: Allow users to easily setup reminders to choose what they want to get reminded of, when they want to get reminded, how they want to get reminded (for e.g. a user can choose to get reminded of pizza offers  at 6PM every Thursday by SMS or by iPhone push notification or by email).