InstantMobile Solutions, Inc. (Formerly MobilePass)

InstantMobile Solutions, Inc. (Formerly MobilePass)
Transforming the Delivery of Campus Services
Campbell, California, United States United States
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 IMSS serves the higher education market by delivering and managing campus services to student's mobile phones. Services include parking permit issuance and enforcement, library book checkout, event tickets, building and room access, POS, emergency services and many more.


For example, the Insta-Pass Parking Solution eliminates the need for permit parking stickers or tags on cars. There is no need for hardware in the garages and lots. No kiosks, cameras, ticket machines or other mechanical devices to support and maintain. Parking enforcement starting with patrolling the garage through citation enforcement, citation appeal and payment is managed through the Insta-Pass Platform. Through their mobile phone, everyone on campus including visitors can pay for parking and be notified when time is about to expire.


Students, staff and faculty are able to use their mobile phones at point of sale throughout the campus and surrounding merchant locations. Through this closed-loop payment system, transaction costs are virtually eliminated for merchants and campus members enjoy the benefit of
discounts and specials.

 InstantMobile Solutions, Inc.® is transforming the delivery of campus services to mobile devices everywhere. The Insta-Pass Mobile Service™ securely manages the lifecycle of mobile applets and actionable content. These applets and content intelligently interact with the physical world extending the power of mobile devices to all aspects of consumer’s lives.


Business model

InstantMobile Solutions provides its services to campus and students at no cost. Premium services are available on a subscription basis.

Competitive advantage

Agnostic platform capable of delivering proprietary and 3rd party services