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Company description

MobileGlobe makes calling mobile application. We have 2  products, the first one is clled indeed "mobileglobe" and lets smartphone users place internaitonal calls from their mobile at low costs. It mainly targets businesses (80% of our revenue) but also online users. We have 30 000 users in 27 countries.


The second product is called kipCall, and allows anyone to call or chat, without having his phone number, all his facebook friends. It is free, works perfectly as it uses the GSM connection and is online on the App Store.

Business model

MobileGlobe is a classical business. The application is free, but people pay to use it per minutes.

KipCall is still a free model and many business model are being under investigation

Competitive advantage

3 year exeperience in the mobile applicationd developpement. Our team is effective and have been working with each other for years. Our product are simple to use, cheap and were imediately global.

Also, we made some licence deals that allows us to work on the product safely as our financial are secure and profitable for at least 2 years withiotu depending on a large fund raisings.