cellixx mobile travel reservations

cellixx mobile travel reservations
Mobile travel reservation
Palo Alto, California, United States United States
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Company description

cellixx provides the finest mobile reservations application to the travel and hospitality industry. This powerful application is made available to consumers for the purpose of reservations and advanced communication.


The application provides the consumer with the ability to create new reservations, modify reservations, cancel reservations and to review bookings and itineraries.


The application resides on the handset of the consumer and connects, via cellixx, to a variety of underlying reservation systems and databases as specified by our client.


The cellixx mobile user interface provides the greatest simplicity of booking while at the same time allowing for complete access to all reservation details. The intuitive user interface is easy to operate. The interface is private labelled for our client utilizing the current brand identity.

Business model
  1. B2B Phase I  cellixx has a mixed revenue model; the company generates revenue based commission income (5-8%) and flat rate transaction revenues, as well as licensing fees. Each partner in the value chain receives a portion of the revenue generated from each transaction, or subscription.  The ability to combine multiple contents and applications/ booking 1ystems, the easy-to-use interface, experiencing our “5 clixx to go™” reservation method (takes just seconds), ensures consumers reuse of cellixx’s mobile reservation system.  cellixx generates synergy and economies of scale for all participating business partners as content and applications are distributed thru multiple channels,.
  1. C2B model II : cellixx already owns access to all relevant travel interfaces like 240.00o Hotels, 750 airlines, 33 rental car companies, our strategy aims to deliver our registered customers a personalized selection of the best price and his personal preferences. Creating a ‘mobile business travel’ community with special deals and offers is more than obvious to realize.
Competitive advantage
  1. cellixx’s secure transaction technology platform enables efficient content process in a trusted environment for mobile devices.  The company adapts the content for a rapid launch of mobile services, such as reservations for cars, flights or hotels, as well as retrieving financial services.  cellixx’s products and services effectively bundle complementary contents from multiple providers using a common user interface .  The company’s services offer high performance even with low bandwidth requirements. cellixx’s solution considers all requirements to offer added value to the user, including:


ü        Access to information, reservation services from any mobile terminal -anywhere, anytime-

ü        Highly intuitive, fast, user friendly, and cost-effective trusted payment services

ü        Source content aggregation & delivery of homogenous content to mobile terminals

ü        cellixx modular development platform is designed for rapid deployment on all mobile platforms (Symbian, Microsoft, Java / Blackberry)