Mobile Sense LLC
Location: 2570 North First Street Suite 200, San Jose, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Mobile Sense LLC

Adding a New Dimension to Mobile Marketing
San Jose, California, United States United States
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Company description

MobileSense Smart Bookmarking Tools (patent pending) allow readers to bookmark content of any media type such as printed coupons, magazine articles, merchandise and store promotions using a mobile device and save them all in one place. A “Smart Bookmarking Call-To-Action” is placed in the content. Based on content and audience type, content managers may choose to use one or more bookmarking tools to be included in the content. MobileSense offers a number of Smart Bookmarking Tools such as SMS, 1D/2D/QR barcode, Interactive Voice Response, mobile app and web app.

Bookmark attributes are saved along with the bookmarks and consumers may use any Internet connected device including mobile to view the bookmarked content. During content review, MobileSense detects consumers' current interest based on bookmark attributes and delivers additional content that are highly relevant to consumers' interest. Bookmarked content is kept current by merchants, an important distinction from other couponing platforms. In addition, content may contain a wide varieties of materials, not just coupons.

Here is a use case scenario that demonstrates the benefits of MobileSense Smart Bookmarking Tools. You received a coupon with “Smart Bookmarking Call-To-Action” in the mail promoting a product that caught your interest. Instead of stuffing the coupon in your wallet, you can bookmark the coupon using your mobile phone. For example, text “NewCoke” to 99702 to bookmark the coupon of a new cola drink promoted by Safeway. Once you bookmarked a coupon, it will stay in our system under your mobile number. You will receive a  text message that contains a link for accessing the content you have bookmarked. The link points to a Web App where you can search or manage your bookmarked content. Alternatively, you can download and install a Mobile App to manage your content instead of using the Web App. Every time you retrieve content, MobileSense can determine what you are currently interested in and suggest additional information that are highly relevant to your interest and append it to the bottom of the page. The additional information is usually complementary to what you are looking for or  planning to purchase. Barcode is included in coupons where cashier can scan in during redemption.

The major difference between a regular coupon and a coupon with “Smart Bookmarking” is that merchants may continue to update the coupon content and keep it current. Consumers tend to make repeat purchases and by bookmarking coupons for each of these products only once, consumers can continuously rely on MobileSense to get valid coupons and deals anytime anywhere. From the merchants' point of view, they just need to promote and capture these consumers once, the Smart Bookmarking Tools will continue to engage with these captured consumers with no overhead to the merchants. Merchants can now grow their user base using MobileSense. This is a very effective marketing method to generate repeat businesses especially when MobileSense offers this service for free to both merchants and consumers.

Business model

MobileSense is offering its Smart Bookmarking tools and services to merchants and consumers for free. Smart Bookmarking is in particular helpful to local businesses since content will be largely coming from circulations, merchandise and store promotions locally. Businesses of any size can easily include Smart Bookmarking Tools in the content and start capturing mobile opt-in customers.


Revenue is generated primarily from serving contextual ads using third party ad networks such as AdMob and Google. MobileSense will also offer paid services to businesses who want to place ads directly with us and MobileSense will perform as an ad network in this case. MobileSense's patent pending technologies have clear advantages over other ad networks; MobileSense can auto-detect consumers' current interest and serve only relevant ads to consumers; MobileSense can also auto-detect fraud scenarios; these features will greatly enhanced the client's ROI and ad effectiveness.

Competitive advantage

The patent pending platform has one distinct advantage over other competitors – the ability to identify consumers' current interests.  In general, only search is capable of doing that but works exclusively on the Internet. MobileSense's Smart Bookmarking tools work on any media including print, TV, radio, merchandise and physical events.

MobileSense provides an enterprise level content management software for merchants to manage their Smart Bookmarking campaigns or place contextual ads directly with MobileSense.

MobileSense provides a closed-loop mobile coupon redemption process. The essence of this patent pending technology is to minimize the amount of time the cashier needs to spend on the redemption process, to avoid the need to integrate to POS systems and to provide redemption data and statistics to merchants.

Click fraud costs advertisers millions each year. MobileSense provides patent pending technologies that help to detect click fraud before serving contextual ads. Once a fraud scenario is detected, the system will automatically deactivate the link that is associated with the fraud. MobileSense can trace the link back to the original mobile user. All subsequent clicks on that link from the same origin will be deactivated even if the click comes from another mobile users. However, the same ad from a different origin will not be affected. Click fraud prevention will help MobileSense to gain credibility with advertisers as a better mobile ad network.