Mobile Posse

Mobile Posse
Helping Turn Telecom Companies Into Mobile Media Leaders
Arlington, Virginia, United States United States
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Company description

Mobile Posse turns telecom companies into mobile media leaders through its next-gen mobile content discovery platform, Firstly Mobile™.

The Firstly Mobile Platform creates a better smartphone experience by proactively presenting curated content, so that subscribers don’t  have to wait to find content they enjoy.

With billions of frictionless mobile content experiences delivered each month, Firstly Mobile drives greater consumer engagement and significantly boosts advertising revenues for carriers and OEMs. And it presents a proven and brand-safe mobile media opportunity for advertisers. Mobile Posse, the pioneer of frictionless mobile media solutions, is based in Arlington, VA. The company’s posse of trailblazers is passionate about making the smartphone even smarter. Every day.

Business model

Revenue share of mobile advertising revenue generated from display advertising placed within our mobile content discovery experiences.


Competitive advantage

Translating our in-depth, and industry-leading understanding of consumer mobile behavior into algorithms and experiences that identify and leverage consumers' increasing idle use of their smartphones.