MobiDigger, Inc.

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MobiDigger, Inc.
MobiDigger is the "Domain Name Service" for mobile phones
Santa Clara, California, United States United States
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Company description

MobiDigger is a "Domain Name Service" provider for mobile phones.

The service offers "mobile SMS text message addresses" that can be used in place of a person's phone number. MobiDigger provides the user with immediate, personal, and safe mobile text messaging phone contact information for use with friends, advertisers, or any contact. It does this by naming mobile phone numbers via a mobile messaging system using a short code identification number that can be used in any carrier's net. This allows the user to use any alpha, or alpha-numeric sequence of their choosing on a first reservation basis, i.e., first come, first serve, basis. The nickname/alpha-numeric address can be used to connect conventional mobile phones, or mobile smart phones, to each other.

Business model

 - MobiDigger receives an annual recurring fee for the nickname/mobile address from the users ($ 11.88/anno).


- MobiDigger receives an annual recurring fee for the nicknames of the users from (multiple) sponsors (x times $ 0.74/monthly).


- MobiDigger receives revenues from the users for incoming SMS (~ $ 0.065 / message).


- MobiDigger receives fees from advertisers (SMS Advertising, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Groups & Mobile Tracking) (~ $ 0.035 / message).


- MobiDigger sells ringtones, games, apps etc. / act as a vendor.

Competitive advantage

 - MobiDigger is the only service, which offers safe, mobile communication for the user and the only service, where users can build up interest-groups with advertisers.


- MobiDigger mobilizes interest-groups for advertisers. Using SMS over email to advertise: emails are read by 0.3 percent of its receivers. SMS are read by 96% within 3 minutes after receiving.


- User controlled (location-based) advertising.


- Simple and compelling pricing structure. Sending messages for users is always free.