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Mnemonic Technologies
Call a Name not a Number
Bellevue, Washington, United States United States
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Mnemonic Technologies, LLC  is a Seattle based startup that provides a revolutionary solution to our contact management needs. Our product Call Names is a Smart Social Directory. We make it easy for users to contact their friends, families, acquaintances or businesses without knowing their phone numbers.


We ask individuals and business to assign their phone numbers an easy to remember name. People then contact their friends, families or businesses by their representative names and not by their hard to remember 10-digit phone numbers! So next time when we meet new people  instead of exchanging our numbers and storing them in our phone contact books, we will only need to exchange our names! Similarly, instead of finding out the phone number for a customer support service, we would be calling a business by its brand name! Research has shown that it is easier for human brain to retain a name than retaining a number. For businesses an easy to remember name increases the caller response rate by 25% to 69%.


Call Names also provides an efficient and inexpensive solution to the 800 vanity numbers and short codes.


Currently we are working on enabling user scenarios that capitalize on prevalent social networks. A user will be able to find the contact of her friends who are on any of her social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) even if these friends have not created their CallNames!


Call Names apps are available for iPhone, Android and Window Phone 7 platforms. We are currently seeking investment funding to enable some very promising user scenarios, and to launch a strong marketing campaign for wider adoption. We could be reached at Or visit us on our webpage, engage with us on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and follow on Twitter.