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MITA Institute
The MITA Institute and Tech Accelerator
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Punta Mita, Mexico Mexico
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MITA (Mita Institute and Tech Accelerator) is a venture capital fund and strategic advisory program (accelerator) for early-stage tech companies, based in Punta Mita, Mexico. MITA utilizes its strong network of mentors, financial, academic, policy and organizational partners in Mexico, Latin America and the U.S./Canada, to foster cross-cultural opportunities and investment in tech startups. MITA is responding to the demand and identifying opportunities in Mexico, Latin America – and, globally – to enable amazing talent to develop into successful business stories.

MITA's acclaimed annual conference, the MITA TechTalks, brings together Silicon Valley luminaries with Mexico's tech startup ecosystem. Marquee speakers this year include Mike Maples (Floodgate), Chris Kelly (Facebook founding team/Angel investor), Jeff Schumacher (Booz Digital Global Managing Director), David Weekly (Facebooks’ initiative director), Wendell Brown (serial inventor/entrepreneur: LiveOpps, Teleo, eVoice), and Ariel Poler (IPRO founder, mentor, investor) – among over 30 stellar speakers and panelists.

Tom Serres, CEO of Rally, on opportunities in Mexico tech startups:


Allen Taylor, Director, Global Network Endeavor, speaks on what's happening in tech entrepreneurship and venture capital in Mexico, based on his participation in the 2012 MITA TechTalks.


Ann-Miura-Ko, partner in Floodgate, speaks on the future of tech entrepreuership in Mexico:


Karen Richardson, Board Member/Advisor, on the impact of MITA TechTalks:



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