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Company description

Our idea is not original at all, it has been done and tested several times.

We want to build an entertainment blog network.


We have two fairly successful sites running here in Venezuela: A.- miniPLUG, an entertainment blog focused on the Internet and targeted to young people. It’s very influential already. B.- Fan Zinatra Discos, a netlabel that showcases the very best of Venezuelan talent. We're very proud of the quality of the material offered here.

Also we just launched, a news for celphones site that's still in beta.

We are hard at work on two more sites that will open real soon:, a celebrity gossip site and, our version of a Internet TV, a network focused on episodic content found around the web. 

 We have a very deep connection with most traditional media in Venezuela, especially the ones targeted to young people and we plan to use it.


We are focusing on Venezuela right now because of our limitations, but as soon as we can we will attack the whole continent. We all speak Spanish and the web in our language is severely underdeveloped.

We need money to help jump start the new media phenomenom in our country and later in the whole continet. 


We can also produce content in English at very competitive prices.

Business model

We will built the blog network and then sell the ads ourselves.


I will develop this section further soon, I promise. 

Competitive advantage

- Sites already working. We are learning every day and aplying those lessons to our new sites.

-  Enthusiasm, we love what we aredoing.

- Lack of competition in Venezuela. Little competition in the continent. 

- The posibility of havin the whole spanish speaking Internet as a market.


I will develop this section further soon, I promise.