Mini Cities

Mini Cities
Connecting Local Business and Local People
Tampa, Florida, United States United States
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Company description

Mini Cities brings real communities together online with their own local website. Each Mini Cities site caters to a specific community and offers business listings, coupons, reviews,  BIG DEALS  and events for that community. Mini Cities launched the first local search and Group Buying internet based franchise and is currently offering franchises nationwide.Mini Cities offers local search and community websites to communities that surround major cities.


Business model

Mini Cities locations help local business owners be found online, have online coupons and very localized Big Deals (Group Buying).  Revenue comes from online advertising and Big Deal selling. 


Competitive advantage

Mini Cities competitive advantage is the vested feet on the street with our franchise model. Each Franchisee or “Community Connector” lives and loves their community. Not only are they a trusted resource for local search, but they are a resource for the community. Each franchise lives in that community and is vested in that community. Our platform is multitenant and in version 4.0