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Mindlogr is designed to help anyone who uses it to lead a happier life by staying more mindful. From people who just want to be more self aware throughout their lives, to those who want to reflect every week, to individuals committed to personal growth and development.

Mindlogr brings the power of the cloud together with video stream recording onto one website which you can use on any device.

It can help you record private video logs with its built in webcam recorder. It uses cloud storage to hold all your log entries in a private secure cloud, and you can choose to have it sync into your own cloud storage account as well.

Each time you record, Mindlogr will also record time and geo specific information including GPS location, weather conditions, as well as your last social media updates.

All this is bundled together so that when you look back at your log entries, this information will also help to trigger other memories which you might not have recorded.

We wanted to give you the best way to record and store your private thoughts, not only to reflect on life, but also to record your personal history.

If you are lost for words then the thought discovery panel will provide you with ideas and suggestions on topics which will provoke and inspire. The built in management system allows you to add titles, notes and tags, as well as keep an accurate timeline of your log entries.

Over time, Mindlogr will motivate you, help you off your feet, listen to your problems and give your voice a chance to express itself.

Mindlogr is going to greatly improve the way we see ourselves, and change the way we see the world. We think it's going help a lot of people live a more fulfilled life and achieve a higher level of happiness in their lives.