Location: 1672 Halyard Court, Lafayette, Colorado, United States United States
Founded in: 2004
Number of employees: 1-5
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Mindful Business Solutions

Peace of Mind for your Bottom Line
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Lafayette, Colorado, United States United States
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We turn ordinary numbeers into valuable, strategic business information.  We're a CFO with over 26 years experience and we make businesses more efficient and profitable.  A lot of start-ups leave money on the table, or discover costly surprises, because their financial management isn't as sound as they think.  I set up companies with simple financial tools to quickly, easily and accurately monitor key indicators of their business so they're not flying flind.

We work with start-up business founders as a strategic partner to:

  • Identify opportunities for revenue growth and cost reduction.
  • Optimize cash flow.
  • Practively prevent financial problems before they happen.

  • Steve Breitman
    Steve Breitman | Team member
    I turn ordinary numbers into valuable and strategic business information.  I'm a CFO with 26 years of experience and I make businesses more profitable.  I implement simple tools that quickly and easily track key indicators so that busine...