One Milo
Location: 1010 Brickell Avenue, 2709, Miami, Florida, United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 10/2018, Seed: $1.25 M (post valuation: $9000000).
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On April 17, 2018, for the first time ever, NASA iTech and the Space Foundation’s New Gen team joined forces to provide an opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to an amazing panel of judges. The inaugural "Ignite the Night" event, held at the 34th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado, provided top entrants the opportunity for a fast pitch to showcase their ideas to more than 200 movers and shakers in the space industry. The event was proudly presented in collaboration with the Space Foundation with support by the Boeing Company, BWX Technologies, Inc., Cosmic Advanced Engineering Solutions, Lockheed Martin, and Space Camp.
iTech is an initiative by NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) and aims to find innovative ideas that have the potential to overcome critical technology hurdles facing future exploration of the Moon and Mars, even though many were originally meant to solve important problems here on Earth. We're excited to see our innovative medical diagnostics bring clinical and economic improvements to patient care everywhere.
Milo was chosen by Generali & H-Farm from 600 applicants as one fo the four start-ups expected to revolutionize health & welfare. Milo was chosen to participate in the Generali Health & Welfare Accelerator in Venice Italy.

One Milo

Disruptive Medical Diagnostics
Miami, Florida, United States
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Company description

One Milo (Milo) is disrupting medical diagnostics with its suite of compact devices that are each a unique FDA-cleared rapid result test using micro fluid samples of blood, urine or saliva.

The devices are embedded with a patent pending smart ecosystem that wirelessly streams results from the devices to the Milo smartphone app within minutes. The ecosystem intelligence enables all diagnostics to be marketed over-the-counter and self-performed at home including professional usage and class 3 diagnostics via a link from the tests device to the care provider. 

Milo's micro-test devices are smart versions of existing FDA cleared laboratory rapid result fluid tests with results wirelessly synced from the device to your phone or doctor's office. The Milo app archives results, tracks, trends and makes them available to your healthcare provider where they can interface with Milo's clinical analytical and population management systems or with an electronic medical record. Each test, with a billing code, can be performed at home conveniently & economically covered by insurance.

Each test is designed to increase ROI for doctors, to be covered by insurance & provide clinical & economic improvements to patient care. The platform allows for the monitoring of the most common chronic conditions like high cholesterol, diabetes and thyroid disease as well as diagnostic tests for infectious diseases & tumor markers like PSA & a 100 others. 



Competitive advantage

OneMilo's product is a proprietary ecosystem that seamlessly connects OneMilo's point-of-care IV diagnostic devices to mobile apps, a cloud and companion systems for health population management, clinical analytics with risk assessments and a user-friendly patient interface for managing wellbeing. 

One Milo's represents innovation, new IP and integration level technology that delivers a low risk and simple approach to disrupting lab tests and enabling lab test anytime and anywhere for the first time. One Milo is a platform & quantitative delivery system for all rapid result chemistry using whole blood, urine or saliva and other analytes.

In addition to an innovative technology solution, protected by a patent application, One Milo has assembled an unparalleled scientific team, manufacturer & distributor, together with an executive team with a proven track record in creating channel distribution for a product designed by its medical team to deliver clinical efficacy.


  • Dr. Lawrence Leigh completed his radiology residency, fellowship cardiovascular & interventional radiology training & served on the faculty at Harvard Medical School.
  • Russell Leigh had 15 year career in Investment Banking, immersed in Biotech as a founding investor of Oramed Pharmaceutical and started an IoT platform tech-company.
  • PL Developments (PLD) is a $500m private label drug manufacturer and distributor with 3800 SKU’s in chains such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Target. PLD also manufactures point-of-care medical diagnostic products for use at home, physician offices, and other healthcare locations and markets them worldwide through multiple distribution channels.
  • Jack Aronowitz, a biochemists and pharmacist is the founder of PLD's diagnostic division, has participated in over 300 FDA trials & is the sponsor of over 40 patents in similar products.
  • Generali Health & Welfare Accelerator managed by H-Farm. Scouted from over 600 startups in 15 countries, Milo was chosen as one of four to join H-Farm’s accelerator in Venice Italy. The accelerator is providing Milo with many resources to mature it for product launch into Europe, the US and the rest of the world.