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Microtronic US, LLC
Location: 175 Northpoint Avenue, Suite 205, High Point, North Carolina, United States United States
Founded in: 2006
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Microtronic US, LLC

High Point, North Carolina, United States United States
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Company description

We have the distribution of Cashless Electronic technology for the United States from Switzerland.  Our main focus in in the Vending arena, but can reach far beyond vending only.  Our technology is virtually contactless, prepaid Smart chips within items such as; cards, stickers, key fobs, watches, wristbands, etc. 

The technology is a Read/Write between our Readers and the Smart Chip media so that when a vend is made, the amount is deducted from the Electronic Purse on the chip.  There are no moving parts, so nothing to break down, which makes our products very Green.

There are many more integrations that we are working on to make our product better that are being fully funded by ourselves.

Business model

Microtronic US participates in the national vending show each year as well as some regional shows that pull vending operators from all over the country.  We also have independant sales representatives around the country who are calling on vending operators daily. 

We do email marketing and online advertising in a few specialty markets at this time.

Competitive advantage

Most of our competitors only offer Credit Card vending which is much more costly in the long run.  They offer their hardware for Free, but the fees for small amount vending purchases are astounding, which defeats the purpose of going cashless. 

With our system, the readers are a one time purchase per machine, and adding value to the chip can be done at the vending machines themselves.  If an account feels they must have Credit Card loading to our Smart Chip, we have a Cash/Credit/Debit Card Loading Station that provides this service and eliminates the per machine fees to only the one machine.

We also have the capability to offer discounts and bonues when using our Smart Chip media, as well as automatic loading.  A few of our end-user accounts give their employees a set amount per month as an employee bonus and our reader can be programmed to do that automatically.