Light-bulbs gmbh Energysolutions
Location: Am Steinfeld 6, Pfaffstätten, Austria Austria
Founded in: 2008
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 12/2008, Seed: $100 k
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reinvents the solar Business
Pfaffstätten, Austria Austria
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Company description

- Our Target is to develop Software Solutions to implement the storage capacity of Electric Cars to the Grid (Vehcile2Grid or Virtual Storage Plant).  For this applications we need new Algorithms and special Hardware to design it userfriendly!

- Our Company is developing a new way how to distribute Photovoltaics and Thermal Solar Products. The Idea is to automatisate the Selling. The Customer only have to put his Address into a Serach engine. A Picture Recognition is calculating the possibilities and the price for the owners house. This Software will released Spring 2009.

  • Thomas Reis
    Thomas Reis | Team member
    - Virtual Storage Powerstation via Storage in Hybrid Cars - Virtual Solar Planer with Satellite Pictures to simulate the Photovoltaic and or Solar Thermal Panelles on the roof of the client / customer the customer gets immediately the price a...
Business model

Our Target is to develop Software Solutions to implement in a userfriendly way the storage capacity of Electric Cars to the Grid (Vehcile2Grid).

Currently we try to setup a team of developers who develop a prototyp. We have done a requirement research and we know what the future requirement of these systems will be. 

Our target is not to develop new standards! We make the plug out function of the car so smart, that the user has always the capacity of his EV he needs for his daily useage.

The System has to learn from the user behavior and then decide how much power can be used for the grid.

Competitive advantage

On the one hand we have a good network to researchers in the renewable fiel.

On the other hand we have excellent software developers and entrepeneurs.