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Michelle has two books of fiction published (Three Years With Adonis and The Swindler). She is already in process of prepping her third book for editing and publication (The Developer). For more information on her other books and screenplays please visit her ‘works' page here.

Michelle is available for ghostwriting and other book projects, both fiction and non-fiction, contract and spec. Please see contact information at the bottom of this page to engage her in conversations in this regard.



Michelle began blogging nearly a decade ago for www.useless-knowledge.com and then moved over to www.americanchronicle.com where she blogs about a variety to topics from government and public policy to book reviews. She also contributes to numerous other web sites in various capacities. For more information about her blogs please peruse her link section on this web site.

Michelle has written extensively for academic writing services where she conducted and compiled research and analyzed data for doctoral dissertations and masters thesis studies in America and abroad. For samples of these documents please contact Michelle from link at the bottom of this page.

Michelle has worked for professional writing services where she was challenged to write ads promoting goods and services for Internet and print magazines. She is available for freelance or project contract work. For contact information or samples of these ads please see link at the bottom of this page.



Michelle's educational endeavors make her especially adept at researching and writing non-fiction. She specializes in conflict and government policy analysis, as well as, Sigma Six, Balanced Scorecard, Best Practices, Total Quality Management, and 360• evaluations in analysis of business efficiency and change management. Michelle can help you to minimize your weaknesses, maximize your strengths, evaluate your threats, and find opportunities for your business or governmental agency.

She is available for contract and freelance analysis of your business, governmental policy and planning, political, social, and economic conflicts and post-conflict economic redevelopment domestically and abroad. Contact information is provided below.

You can e-mail Michelle at malsburymichelle@yahoo.com.


References and examples of previous work

For Book Reviews please contact Norm Goldman from www.bookpleasures.com

For promotional ads written by Michelle Kaye Malsbury please contact Deb Owens Writing Services at 317-590-4118.

For extensive samples of Michelle Kaye's articles please visit www.americanchronicle.com.

Personal references come from: Helen Gore at 850-323-0123, friend and co-wroker in real estate sales. Ken Hughes at 248-563-6140, friend and fellow columnist at Useless Knowledge.