Micello, Inc.

"Google Maps inside a building"
Sunnyvale, California, United States United States
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Company description

Micello is "Google Mapsinside a building" and is building the foundation to disrupt the entireoutdoor LBS ecosystem, by taking it inside. We are a pioneer in creatingdigital, geo-accurate and dynamic indoormaps of places where people gather like shopping malls, airports, museums,college campuses, theme parks and business campuses. Micello has developed the tools and technologyto rapidly build a database of indoor maps. Our map data allows applicationdevelopers, internet map providers and businesses to create a new class ofhyper-local applications.


Business model

Micello has a licensing modelto make its map/data content available to third party application developers,internet mapping companies, events and venues, business campuses and personalnavigation devices. Third party application developers may license the indoormaps for free if they include Micello‚Äôs advertising content. 

Competitive advantage
Micello's indoor maps are geo-accurate. The maps are not just images or pictures, but have the "plumbing" underneath to allow each object to be individually manipulated. It's a map file, similar to what is used in "outdoor" maps.