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MeshLabs Software Private Limited.
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Company description

MeshLabs is  a developer of innovative enterprise software products and solutions to solve complex information management, research, business intelligence, and regulatory compliance problems across several industries. Our advanced solutions harness emerging trends in text analytics, semantics, natural language processing, business intelligence, and enterprise social computing.

Business model

We are an enterprise software company focused on bringing new text analytics based solutions to enterprises and governments across a wide range of industries and markets. We offer our products as licensed software or as services hosted by us (referred to as Managed Services, SaaS, or Software as a Service). We also offer professional services to help our customers implement and integrate our products in their environments.

Our goal is to create an ecosystem where existing solutions at enterprises are fully leveraged and their ROI is further enhanced when integrated with our products. We will introduce new solutions into the market through partners and enterprise opportunities.

Competitive advantage

The corner stone of our strategy is our core text analytics engine, eZi CORE, based on a hybrid model that incorporates the best  of semantic,text analytics and machine learning methods in one system. We have custom created ontologies in the fields of IT, life sciences and legal domains. These ontologies are installed in house in enterprises and correspondingly updated using the machine learning modules in our engine. This approach enables us to not only extract entities more accurately but also identify deeper and richer relationships between the entites extracted.  Furthermore our profiling engine has the ability to understand user expertise as well as interests for users, teams and customers. Rather than making it a black-box, our approach is to open up all methods at a granular level for easier access as APIs and services to integrators and developers with complete  documentation and sample front-end code and integration logic. To address scalability needs of large enterprises, the engine, written purely in Java, can be distributed with the option of configuring each processing module individually. Although our current support is only for English language, we are working on gaining unique advantage of processing the untapped market of scores of Indian sub-continent languages such as Hindi. We have built a significant number of connectors for enterprise tools, including Sharepoint, Email systems , Sales systems and support databases.

Based on a flexible, comprehensive, and robust core engine, we offer a number of industry solutions. Our solution building approach is primarily driven by actual customer and prospect needs. We have built ready to deploy solutions for Personalized Knowledge Management (eZi PKM) targeted for employees and sales/marketing teams and Life Sciences Researcher Portal (eZi Life). We have done sucessful POCs for solutions such as Market/Competitive Intelligence, KYC (Know Your Customer), and Voice of Employee/Customer Solutions. All of these solutions the key element is personalization and deep data analysis. Any custom connectors and customization of user interfaces are provided by third party service integrators we have partnered with.