mention - change the way you monitor the web: create real-time alerts for any keyword, react quickly on all your devices
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mention is available now at
Feel free to download it and give it a try.

For people who care about what's being said about them, for businesses who care about their online visibility, mention changes the way you monitor the web.  Free, easy-to-use, and available on all your devices - mention delivers real-time alerts wherever you are from hundreds of sources around the web: social networks, news sites, blogs, photos and videos sites, forums and any web page.

We strongly believe that mention is an essential and ubiquitous business and personal tool that customers use on every device, similar to Dropbox or Evernote.

Our product is poised for mass adoption and breakout performance. Both scalable, and responsive to the needs of our customers, mention is invaluable for small to medium sized businesses, professionals and consumers in a market flooded with enterprise applications.

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Business model

mention is freemium:  1,000 free mentions per month with a monthly fee starting at $9.99 for 5,000 mentions. The more visible companies and brands are, the more they will pay to be notified in real-time. Virality is a key factor for the wide adoption of mention. We offer 100 free mentions each time a user shares the application with their friends or colleagues.

Competitive advantage

The market is filled right now with expensive, enterprise grade tools that do not provide insightful information besides a report at the end of the week. mention lets users react quickly and smartly from any device in real-time.

We provide value to our customers by delivering a real-time stream of data to all of their devices.  The second version of the platform will include a comprehensive analytics package.

The focus has been to deliver this content on all devices in real-time and let people react smartly on the go.  Once you start using mention, it’s very hard to stop - You never want to be far from knowing who and what people are saying about the things you care about most.


mention is everywhere: A single-page-app currently available on several platforms :
Web (native and Chrome App), iPad, Mac, PC, and Linux

mention is mobile: Our iPhone app launches in 2 weeks, with Android following in 5 weeks.

mention is international: We crawl sources in 42 languages, and the application is currently available in French, German and Spanish with many other languages coming soon.

mention is based on the newest technologies: We use backbone.js javascript framework ( for the UI and node.js ( to broadcast messages between clients and servers. We developed the app as a thin client using Qt ( and Webkit.

Among other category changing features, we offer :  

    * anti-noise technology based on bayesian anti-spam filters
    * real-time push alerts
    * one-click sharing of mentions and smart actions (replies) built in.