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Who's Free
See who's free to hangout!
Sydney, Australia Australia
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Company description

MeeBee is an award winning internet startup that develops web & mobile applications for the hot social media & geolocation space.

We were recognised by Techcrunch as a top 100 global startup, and Winner of the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Europe award.

Our new mobile app: Who's Free is a cool little app that shows you who's free to hangout!
So you can see your Facebook friends that are NEAR you & FREE to socialize. No other app does that!
Just because you've "checked-in" somewhere, doesn't mean you're "free" to hangout.

Suddenly got 30min for a coffee in b/n meetings?
Want to invite more friends nearby for drinks now?
Playing street-ball & need another player near you?
Who's Free is perfect for this!


meebee, the web app, solves the problem of endless phone calls and emails to find agreeable times for a meeting between people. It’s great for scheduling catch ups with mates, or hot sexy dates.

meebee contains a state-of-the-art meeting/events organizational interface which is time-efficient, personalized and secure. meebee gives the user control over their social/business/dating or family lifeby allowing multiple profiles. meebee is actual syncing of data coupled with privacy controls and notification.

Its Fun, Fast, and Friendly!

Competitive advantage

We all have gaps of time when we're Free & want to maximise this time by joining our friends nearby to do something interesting and fun. Traditional calling & texting wastes time and is a hassle, and we dont know who's nearby or free to meetup. Current geolocation apps are based around a location & not the relationship with your friends to a location. ‪For them, location is used with gaming gimmicks and not as an enhancement with real value in our daily lives, hence checkin fatigue. ‬

Who's Free provides real value in our daily life. It goes beyond location checkins by providing context, so you know who is really free to catchup, something you don't know just by regular "checkins" via apps like Facebook, Foursquare, & Gowalla. Who's Free focuses on enhancing the relationship between you and your friends and the places around you.

meebee represents a fundamentally new way to connect people and utilizes a state of the art meeting/events organizational interface; mastering time efficiency, need for personalization and security of information. It combines technology in blogging sites, invitation/events planning sites, calendar scheduling and dating sites into one complete product that will add value to people lives. It uses apps, such as iCal, to communicate between parties whilst bringing the process into one easy-to-use place.