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MediSafe Inc.
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Company description

MediSafe is the leading mobile medication platform with over 1.3 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of weekly active users across iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. MediSafe apps have earned a 4.5 star rating from 50,000+ reviews across Google Play and iTunes app stores.

MediSafe is different from a pill reminder application, because it addresses all of the major causes of non-adherence -- forgetfulness, lack of support, emotional distress, information overload, low engagement, and rising medication costs (in the form of copays). MediSafe engages patients in their treatment by sharing results (e.g. via lab tests and biometrics), holds them accountable through connections to physicians and care teams, and offers a holistic and simplified approach to managing their health via related educational content (e.g. diet, exercise), easy access to prescription refills, and other value added services.








Awards and Mentions
  • 18308_2837
    Traction is part of Health 2.0’s Annual Fall Conference in Santa Clara, exhibiting innovative digital health solutions for both providers and consumers. Traction is not a pre-seed contest; rather the judges looked for companies scouting a Series A in the $2 - 12 M ranges.
  • 18308_2836
    The fourth annual Qualcomm Ventures QPrize competition provides over $1 million in prizes and services for the entrepreneurs of today as they work to further raise awareness of these breakthrough technologies. Additional details on the QPrize competition can be found at
  • 18308_2835
    Top Developer on Android
  • Business model

    - fees for personalized targeted messaging, educational content and value added services in the activity feed (pharma, complimentary products/services)

    -adherence reports and "dashboards" (pharma, hospitals)

    -referalls for RX transfers and (re-)fills (pharmacy)

    "Big Data"

    - correlations between adherence rates and disease, med frequency, demo, geo, comorbidities, meds taken, etc. + behavioral (wearables/apps used, content read, biometrics tracked) + external sources (e.g. the weather, distance to pharmacy, etc.) to show the top factors in adherence

    - direct sales/appends/syndications and via 3rd parties

    Competitive advantage

    Most traction and engagement in the market (1.3mm downloads, several hundred thousand weekly actives)

    Laser focus on patient/consumer experience (UX)

    Care coordination involving medfriends (social support system) and providers (doctors, NPs, PAs)

    Innovation (supports iOs and Android smartphones and tablets as well as Android wearables/watches)

    Our passion is investing in companies across stages and sectors to build tomorrow's category leaders