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Medicast -- called the uber for healthcare by CNN, NPR, and countless others -- is a healthcare technology service that connects patients with nearby on-call doctors 24 hours a day, to deliver high quality, compassionate care in the comfort of a patient’s own home in under 2 hours, with just the tap of a button on the Medicast mobile app. 




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Business model

Pay As You Go

Patients pay Medicast directly per visit. Each visit ranges between $199-$349; however, average transactions are nearly $500 due to up sells and ancillary services that Medicast can provide.



Medicast offers subscription services to members, employers, and health benefit plans that range from $29-$75 a month.

Competitive advantage


Each of the founding team members has spent the past 15 years, building companies from the ground up, and working at the world's biggest names in business, healthcare, and technology--including Google, JP Morgan Chase, Sprint, Nokia, NIH, CDC, Vanderbilt University, and HealthTap. 

Intellectual Property

There are currently 4 patents on the Medicast platform and apps that are on a fast track to approval with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

First Mover Advantage

Our product has been out for over a year longer than the next closest competitor, we have locked in important relationships with all the healthcare industry leaders, and have built a reputation as the leaders in the home care delivery space.

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TechStars is a different. It’s a mentorship-driven seed stage investment fund located in Boulder, Colorado which is quickly becoming one of the country’s top startup hubs.
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Eric Ries - Unconfirmed
  Author,speaker, consultant at The Lean Startup. I work full time with entrepreneurs ofall stripes, trying to change the way startups are built. Learn more at theblog, Startup Lessons Learnedor follow me on Twitter.   Past: VentureAdvis...
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