MediaRiver: Driving Page Views through Content
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MediaRiver was founded based on the idea that users should not have to search to find the content that they need, and that content should not be bound by traditional media experiences.

We believe that your content should be free to reach your audience whenever it is relevant - no matter where they are, no matter what they are doing, no matter what they are thinking - without them having to rely on a search box, and without you having to buy keyword ads.

Today's users expect content and media to be relevant and "come to them". MediaRiver is leading this revolution with its contextual search platform ClickSurge.

As the digital media landscape grows increasingly crowded, driving new visitors to Web properties and maximizing the time those users spend on those Web properties is paramount for generating revenue.

MediaRiver's patent-pending technology allows your content to transcend the boundaries of your web site. ClickSurge reads and understand the contents of a page, and uses that knowledge to find and deliver video, pictures, podcasts, and articles from your website, allowing the right content to reach the right audience at the right time - anywhere on the web, even on social networks, blogs, and other user-generated sites.

MediaRiver is a privately-held software company based in Chicago, IL. Investors in the company include LaSalle Investments, Motorola Ventures, Palomar Ventures, and University Fund.

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