Direction and solutions for global Digital and Social Media success
Beverly Hills, California, United States United States
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Company description

MediaMojos is positioned as a  market leader combining 40 years of media and technological expertise to help small to medium enterprise increase their digital presence, expand their market opportunities globally and utilize emerging technologies to increase revenue and market share.

Business model

MediaMojos helps companies and organizations expand their digital media presence through incorporating new interactive strategies and technologies into their existing media presence, expanding their ability to effectively interact with social networks and strategically integrating brands into mobile networks.

MediaMojos also operates as an international sales and packaging agency for Digital Media content, motion pictures,  television, digital technologies and online entertainment, for both its own partnered and internal developments, and those represented for  third parties.

Our Strengths:

• Cross platform content development, production & distribution • Business strategy, development and management • Joint Ventures & Strategic Partnerships  • Market research, forecasting & budgeting • License negotiation & acquisition • Sponsorships – Associations, leagues, networks and major brands • Market Analysis & Market penetration • Branded content development

Competitive advantage

MediaMojos is an early entry provider of holistic consulting, distribution and production services to and emerging to mid-size Digital Media content and technology firms and small consumer-focused and Business- to-Business firms.

The hybrid model of consulting and production that MediaMojos offers, allows small and mid-sized companies the ability to receive the consulting quality of Deliotte and the design/production quality of top firms, without the premium price tag that often makes such work out of the price range of small to mid-sized business.