Location: Street 15, Victoria, Seychelles Seychelles
Founded in: 1999
Stage: Not for profit
Number of employees: 50+
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In the service of humanity!
Victoria, Seychelles Seychelles
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Company description operates as an online distributor of medicines. In simple words, it is an internet drug store that provides the customers with the required medications. Quality, reliability, and trustworthy service are the pillars on which the is planning to build its market reputation. We guarantee about the quality of the medicines sold through our online pharmacy. All the medicines that we sell are approved by the manufacturing country’s FDA.



To attain the status of reliable and trustworthy internet drug store is our main objective. For this we provide our customers with the best quality medicines that too at affordable costs along with the round the clock customer support. Satisfying every customer and matching up his demands is what we always strive for.

Business Standards and Ethics:

At we follow certain business standards and follow them always while dealing with the customers. Our first rule is to follow the business transparency with every customer. Another thing we follow strictly is never to charge any hidden costs to any customer. We always mention the costs clearly and charge only that much amount that is mentioned clearly while you check out. We stand by our words and never misguide our customers in any way.

Business model follows a simple equation to make a customer happy.

It provides you with the best quality medicines + reasonable prices + quick service. This will surely be fulfilling your need of medicines. We guarantee about the quality of the drugs that we sell through our online pharmacy and if you are not satisfied then we would give you the complete refunds. All the medicines sold by us are approved by the World Health Organization.