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MBM Solutions LLC
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Alexandria, Louisiana, United States United States
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Company description

We specialize in providing innovative IT solutions; emergency & disaster management consultative services; and GIS strategies.

Our first phase of operations is to deliver a product that supports the recognized need for accurate and timely communication of pertinent data related to the elderly and special needs population to first responders, businesses and government agencies before, during, and after an emergency or disaster.

This need has been recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) over the years by saying “substantial improvement is necessary to integrate people with disabilities in emergency planning and readiness.” As seen from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Ike in 2008, government and public safety agencies local, state, and federal are still struggling with this integration.

Business model

Because our managers have been involved in tracking and registering individuals in one form or fashion during Hurricane Katina, Rita, and Ike, we were able to create the Special Needs Assistance Program EVERYWHERE the first of its kind.

SNAPev is the first national online registry that stores and maps basic medical and personal information for persons with disabilities and the elderly population while giving government & public safety agencies around the clock access to the information before, during, and after an emergency or disaster.

Check out the website at www.snapev.com and our press release at http://pitch.pe/139195.

We will also rate and list third-party services/products for the elderly and persons with disabilities in relation to their location.

Competitive advantage
  1. Free for the public to register.
  2. Free for government agencies to access the data and use our Admin Console which provides mapping, reporting, and texting capability.
  3. Free integration into most current government 911, alert and emergency management systems such as WebEOC, E-Team, Reverse911, and CodeRED.
  4. We provide the local education campaign for registering individuals.
  5. Quarterly enhancements to the website and Admin Console selected by registrants and government agencies such as GIS data uploads, smart phone apps, and a news blogging section.