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Math Concentration
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Company description

We are an online math community created on September 2010 to provide free tutoring and homework help via forum, virtual whiteboard, and chat to middle school students who struggle with math. Our mission is to provide a plethora of math resources: tutorials, printables, blogs, forums, and more that teachers, parents, and students will appreciate.

A teacher, wife, and mother-launched Math Concentration: Wanda McDowell. We offer online classroom tutoring equipped with a virtual whiteboard. In our online community, members can enhance their profile pages by starting a blog; add widgets, videos, and pictures.

We also giveaway an Amazon gift card every month! Use it wisely...LOL!
Student Benefits
  • Post/view math problems and solutions 24/7
  • Best of all our community is and will always be FREE!
  • Create a Unique Profile Page
  • Chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card every month!
  • Games
  • Math Tutorials
  • Chat
  • Live e-sessions via white boards
  • Swap text-books, workbooks and videos
  • Join groups or create your own
  • Blog about your ideas concerning problems/likes with math concepts

Parent Benefits

  • Homework help forum for you to post/view questions to help your child
  • Join supportive groups to collaborate with other parents from around the world and give/get advice
  • Communicate with math teachers from around the world 
  • Create a Unique Profile Page
  • Blog about concerns you have with how your child is progressing in school and seek advice and/or general concerns.

Teacher Benefits

  • Resources for current & prospective math teachers
  • Free Printables
  • Join groups or create your own
  • Create a Unique Profile Page
  • Blog about ideas, tips, and strategies in regards to math.

Special-Interest Forums

  • Teacher Certification & Resources across the U.S
  • Educational grants and loans
  • Scholarships
  • Online Math-Buddies
  • Homework Help
  • Parent/Teacher Corner
  • Parent Corner
  • J4T- Just For Teacher Corner



Business model

We have an advertisement-based model because we provide free content and offer free homework help to attract users and we are financially supported by advertisers. 

Competitive advantage

You can get help with your math homework outside the classroom for free in the comfort of your own home via chat, instant messaging, and virtual whiteboard.