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Company description

A company in the Amplify.LA accelerator, Markett provides people with access to earn income marketing well-known brands on their own time.

We believe the future of work is changing, and we’re leading the charge. Our marketers enjoy the freedom of flexible work coupled with unlimited earning potential.

Markett is a platform that connects people looking for flexible, commission based work to fast growing companies, brands, and apps. We already have partnerships with companies like Uber and DoorDash (5 in total) with more to come!

Our marketers sign up for our platform and can generate unique promo codes that we have received from our partner companies. They can then market those codes online (social media, etc) as well as offline (on college campuses, at major events, people they know, etc).

Our partner companies pay Markett for every new user that one of our Marketers generates for them.


Laurent Grill
Luma Launch (Luma Pictures) - Santa Monica, CA Program Director & Investor -Luma Launch is a multi-million dollar early stage fund with a Launch Program aimed at surfacing the most notable startups and entrepreneurial minds. We’re focuse...
Eric Pakravan
Eric is an associate at Amplify.LA. Eric’s previous startup experience and strong technical background make him a key resource at Amplify. He is a graduate of USC where he served as Student Body President of the Marshall School of Business, and fo...