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Our proposed technology is a Smart Finance Management app for SMEs. We want to empower small businesses, provide them insights on their spend,and help them increase share of wallet. We know that small business owners don't have the time and resources to run analysis on their monthly statements. And we want to focus on that to simplify the way they look at their banking data. We do this by ingesting transaction data, and using big data analytics to surface trends and analysis based on time series and peer relative valuation. We augment our analysis by using external data sets(weather, industry benchmarks, social data) to provide deeper insights. We then take it a step further, and use our cognitive intelligence platform to run the analysis and surface insights in plain english. There are several platforms that provide beautiful visualizations and data. But what we truly wanted was to empower the small business owner, help them understand the story behind the numbers, and provide actionability to help them better manage their business. Further, using our interest graph we would help them better understand the small business customer, so they can surface relevant products and increase share of wallet.