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Company description

Sites are hungry for video content.  Magnify provides a turnkey solution: Video Discovery (search), Upload, and sharing, all to increase site revenue.


MAGNIFY is a video tech platform that is a tech-enabled ad network. Platform allows customers to add a configurable suite of User Generated Video (UGV) related applications to their site. leverages integrated standard IAB ad units into its platform in order to sell to online ad market demand in place today. We also offer "pro" and "enterprise" offerings on a fee for service basis. Over 30,000 publishers have adopted in last 12 months.

Business model


Magnify's CEO and founder Steven Rosenbaum, creator of the ground-breaking program UNfiltered on MTV, is an acknowledge pioneer in the user-generated content space.  CTO Simon Cavalletto has 15 years experience building enterprise class, scalable web solutions. CFO Chuck Johnson was a co-founder of Internet video pioneer FeedRoom, where he also led Business Development. Customer base is active and vocal, and helps lead product innovation.

Online video as a business means solving for four issues: content, technology, distribution (viewers), sales.  Magnify solves for the first two at no up front cost to customer. Customer has viewers. Combo=sales

Magnify provides a platform for enabling custom video sites that also allow publishers to solicit, review, serve, and syndicate video (user and prosumer alike) and integrate those pages into their website. This turnkey system provides all the connective tissue for publishers to easily integrate video - upload, transcoding, storage, streaming, and advertising - into their existing communities. Free,  Pro, and Enterprise versions are available.


Online advertising continues to expand, with much of that growth focused in video and other forms of rich media advertising.  Advertising spending is shifting - with $11.6 Billion dollars projected to move from TV and cable to internet advertising by 2010 on top of close to $10B sales today. Both posting and viewing of video is growing rapidly. At destination site/content sourcing partner YouTube over 35 million videos/day are viewed. 


Magnify serves the fast growing middle market (i.e. not big 10 major media), and has over 30,000 sites including and many other "next tier" sites that will buy rather than build.