Maestro Games SPC

Healing Humanity through the Power of Classical Music and Virtual Reality
West Hollywood, California, United States United States
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Who are we?

MAESTRO GAMES, SPC is a social purpose corporation based in Los Angeles.

What is our Mission?

At Maestro Games, our vision is to heal humanity through the power of classical music and virtual reality. 

Why? Healthcare is the fifth largest industry in the U.S. and searching for innovative, inexpensive treatment programs for rising mental health challenges, neuro rehabilitation, and pain management.

What is the Solution? Decades of neuroscientific research have documented classical music’s unique cognitive, emotional, spiritual, psychological and therapy benefits.  Virtual reality research increasingly reveals similar, powerful results.[i] [ii]

Our Product: The Last Maestro™ is a ground breaking, deeply immersive, gesture-controlled Virtual Reality platform that merges music, movement and color to provide an emotionally compelling, deeply healing therapeutic wellness experience for players of all ages. By following simple conducting cues, players will be enveloped in the passion, joy and empowering skill of conducting classical music while creating stunning and vivid worlds . As the score continues, piece-by-piece the player transforms the virtual world with color, life and harmony literally bringing the music to life.  





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  • Date:March 30, 2017 Source: Wiley  Summary:  The most common neurological diseases cost the United States $789 billion in 2014, and this figure is projected to grow as the elderly population doubles between 2011 and 2050, according to a new study.










Business model

We lease VR playback equipment and gaming software to healthcare providers on a 2 year lease.  Once a leasing agreement is signed, we secure equipment and services for the systems being leased.  Leasing revenues cover all corporate costs and support our R&D efforts.  We have partnered with Dell Computers and other service providers, so we can support a global market and supply equipment to any size of organization. 

Competitive advantage

Maestro Games provides a complete end to end music therapy solution to healthcare providers.