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Company description

M2Test provides a service to bone doctors and other bone related diseases specialists for more accurate assessment of bone fracture risk to its patients. Our product, BESTEST , is an innovative test that assess bone quality from a virtual biopsy of the patient. It is provided to heathcare specialists as SAAS (software as a servie), based on a client-server architecture with cloud computing, which separates the imaging software from the one dedicated to computing and response generation.

BESTEST increases the likelihood of correctly quantifying the actual risk of osteoporosis- related fracture, providing a low cost complement to the tools currently in use and assuring a better management of the patient. BESTEST is a recently introduced analysis that can be used to quantify the quality of bone micro-architecture

Business model

The BESTEST is already commercially available in Italy, with 10 (rapidly growing) private structures in different cities already offering our bone qualification service to their patients.

M2Test is currently planning business extension to the USA. The distribution of BESTEST will be pursued trough distribution local partners who provide products and services to bone doctors, bone specialized clinics and other health services.

The customer (PHYSICIANS) who buys BESTEST:

- buys the service (also directly online), that is a package for the execution of a number

prefixed test;

- Pay BESTEST in advance with bank instruments, PayPal or similar;

- acquires from its patient the 3 images of the proximal epiphyses (knuckles) of the 3 central fingers of the non-dominant hand, on the basis of a very simple protocol already defined;

- sends in telematic mode the X-ray images to the remote company server that performs

image processing and generates the index of bone structure;

- receives telematically and can save and/or print the test response;

- can repeat BESTEST on the same patient after 4-6 months.

The patient who undergoes BESTEST should not lie down on a bed or even undress, the acquisition of the 3 X-rays provided by the BESTEST takes about 1 minute. It is possible to estimate that BESTEST affects the time dedicated to the visit for about 5 minutes.

For the patient the BESTEST is quick, pleasant, does not require undressing, and above all uses a significantly lower level of radiation and is performed in an anatomical site, the hand, farther from the vital organs than the site of investigation MOC-DEXA, typically carried out at the level of the neck of the femur or vertebrae.

Competitive advantage

Our long term aim is to make BESTEST the worldwide gold standard examination for assessment of the risk of fracture. Densitometry is considered a gold standard, although its inability to predict a considerable number of bone fractures and its unsuitability to monitor patients.

With BESTEST, bone changes are detectable and can be monitored every 4 - 6 months: the physician can offer treatment tailoring and increase patients’ compliance. Rapidity and convenience of the test are highly appreciated by both patients and physicians. It should be noted that we are approaching the market stressing that we are complementary, not alternative, to densitometry.