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Company description

LWI is a revolution in contemporary media.  Global demand for social media has reached an all-time high, propelled by the need to understand how to monetize it.  The most common solution to this problem for businesses is to hire a “social media company” and pay them to “set up Twitter and Facebook” for the business.  As a company that specializes in the uses and monetization of social media through the power of a prebuilt audience of celebrity social media accounts, LWI will become the single largest media outlet on Earth within 18 months’ time. 

Celebrity influence is one of the most prominent trends of power in the social industry, which now encompasses more than 2.75 billion people across the planet.  LWI is commercializing; social media, celebrity influence online, a patented technology capable of measuring the actual value of product influencers in real-time combined with a neural network to accurately predict consumer trends across the globe. The LWI strategy is driven by a network of online celebrity channels embedded within selected team of professional social media specialists, data miners and human behavior experts for the purpose of driving revenue. When linked with celebrity influence, an almost infinite size of audience can be reached through the social networks in just a few seconds. The selection of celebrity accounts could be actuated for a new product launch, opening day for a new business, political campaigns and many other revenue generating activities.  Purchasing access to combined audiences millions of fans, in real time, creates a high margin commodity that many are now calling the modern TV commercial, which LWI has invented.

Business model

LWI is currently acquiring celebrity account access and growing them organically. The Company is also currently using a novel crowd-sourcing model to seed the markets and build communities for brands. The LWI service is highly differentiated by enabling businesses to leverage social marketing to build brands, through our existing, built in, audience. LWI has multiple revenue streams, including fee based contract work for brands, revenue sharing opportunities on products and residual based pay systems and reselling data.  The Company plans to continually invest in the development of new software and human minds, driving a broad pipeline of opportunities, including: daily acquisition of valuable real time consumer information, consistently growing efficiencies in the online sales process, sweat equity stakes in great start ups and even political influence.  

We offer companies the ability to save time on building a social media platform by allowing them to work through our group, for a fee, revenue sharing and possibly equity in the business.  We pose one question to our clients, “Why would you pay someone $5000 a month to build out a platform in social media when you can reach 25,000,000 people through our company from day one?” We offer our services to three different categories of businesses: Small to Mid-size businesses with tremendous growth potential and contemporary product lines, Fortune 500 businesses doing product launches and emerging businesses that have yet to release their product to marketplace.