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Discover who is visiting your site.
Turn anonymous traffic into complete company profiles, so you can increase
sales, improve marketing campaigns and create hyper-targeted ads.

· See exactly which companies are visiting your site, how often, and what actions they take — even if they haven't identified themselves. Set up filters for your specific target accounts to drive sales conversations and ensure you reach out at exactly the right time.

· Whether you want to know what type of content is driving the most visits from your target industry or which ad campaign is driving the most relevant business traffic. Lumio gives you the information you need to build out channels that are effective and discontinue those that aren't.

· Lumio enables you to dramatically increase conversion by targeting your newly identified traffic to ads that are specifically catered to their business segment. Create intelligent segments to group site visitors by properties like company size, industry, funding, location, and more. Use these new segments to learn what channels drive your highest quality traffic and reduce ad spend by only remarketing to qualified visitors.