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Company description

Luminate Health provides labs and healthcare providers with a first-of-its-kind, digital platform for their patients to access and understand their lab results. The company is a SaaS provider, and is partnering with commercial, specialty, and hospital labs across the US. Luminate Health is also helping these labs satisfy a major new federal rule from HHS, which now requires all US labs - commercial, specialty, and hospital - to provide patients with direct access to their lab results.

Luminate Health now counts a number of top-150 US labs among its customers, and continues to see a very positive response to its product from both patients and physicians.

Luminate Health is focused on leading the shift toward patient-centric healthcare by engaging patients to actively manage their own health, and leveraging the growing volume of available health data to improve patient care and outcomes.

The company is venture-backed, and includes KEC Ventures and several prominent healthcare-focsed angels as investors.


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Business model

Luminate Health employs a B2B SaaS model, and serves an $80B US medical testing market (in 2014), with US-based commercial, specialty, and hospital labs as its customers. The company charges labs an upfront implementation fee, and then a tiered monthly service fee (based on lab volume) going forward. The monthly service fee structure consists of a base monthly service fee to process up to a certain number of patients' lab results per month, and then additional monthly service fee tiers for processing patients' lab results beyond the base volume.  

Labs provide the Luminate Health service to their patients and to their client physicians. The Luminate Health service is, thus, free to patients and physicians. Luminate Health now counts a number of top-150 US labs among its customers.

Competitive advantage

Luminate Health sees the following three sources of its competitive advantage:

  1. End-to-end patient-centric approach and design 
    In an industry that has not focused on building meaningful products and services for patients, Luminate Health has launched the first solution to restructure lab result data in a way that is meaningful and actionable to patients. As a result, the company is able to realize significantly higher patient adoption and engagement rates than available, competitive solutions.
  2. Connecting and delivering value to not just one, but all three of the key stakeholders in the ecosystem: labs, patients, and providers
    While patients are the primary users of the Luminate Health service, Luminate Health is the first product of its kind which touches labs, patients, and providers, enables coordination of critical information among all three parties, and ultimately delivers value to all three of the necessary stakeholders in this ecoystem.
  3. Proprietary Luminate Health algorithms
    Because Luminate Health's unique model enables it to get large volumes of lab result data, the company is developing important algorithms to personalize information and make it increasingly relevant for individual patients, develop population health analytics, and aid healthcare providers in identifying patient risk, condition, and treatment areas.
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