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Next Generation Mobile Engagement Platform for Enterprises
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Company description

L​oYakk has created an innovative Mobile Engagement Platform  that is one of the first that allows brands/enterprises to seamlessly mix their ​national  messaging payload​ with hyper-local messaging and services created by local employees of the same firm. 

This is a huge problem facing enterprises in many markets in this mobile era, and unsolved by Yahoo, Google, ​Facebook, Twitter, Jive, etc.

Brands can now offer their own Location-aware Community App (powered under the covers by LoYakk) to their end-users, and engage consumers with location-awareness like never before - all while leveraging their existing social media investments.

Clients that have started using the LoYakk platform include:

Political parties - for Voter and Volunteer engagement

Digital Agencies - next generation engagement solutions for Brands

4 & 5 Star Hotels - for Next Generation Concierge Services

2nd Tier Celebrities - for Fan engagement

Sporting Organisations - Fan, Volunteer & Partner engagement

Charities - Supporter, Sponsor & Partner engagement










Awards and Mentions
  • 16288_2429
    uTest, the leading provider of in-the-wild software testing, awarded LoYakk with a £5000 cheque for winning the most usable app among all Race for Apps finalists. The 2012 Race for Apps celebrated the innovative developers based in and around Shoreditch, challenging them to produce apps for visitors to the 2012 Olympic games. As sponsor of a special prize for usability, uTest’s judges named LoYakk as the most usable app, which earned them a prize of £5000.
  • 16288_2427
    Race For Apps - Winning Gold
    Race for Apps was a contest run by UKTI to select the most Connect App during the 2012 Olympics. LoYakk while in early Beta stages entered the competition and won 'GOLD' in the 'Making Connections' category. Out of over 250 Applicants LoYakk was selected as the winner as we met the criteria for 'groundbreaking app' that would transform visitor’s experience during the London Olympics 2012
  • Business model

    LoYakk is a Mobile Engagement Platform that enables 'Community In the Cloud' for Enterprises to engage users. Enterprises can now engage users like never before:

    • with mix of National + Location-aware messages
    • go beyond simple chatter to localized services
    • extend existing Social Network engagement on own App

    LoYakk powers Apps for Enterprises and the App runs in the LoYakk Cloud. Enterprieses need not, therefore, invest into any IT to launch and run their User Engagment App. 

    LoYakk Pricing Model:

    1. Startup Fee to create Branded App on Android and Apple iOS platforms. This varies from $10,000 - $40,000 USD
    2. Subscription Fee per Community / month to Host the Community(ies), make revisions and provide Analytics. This vaires from $100 - $3000 per Community per month
    Competitive advantage

    Current solutions (Facebook, Twitter, Jive etc) all emerged in the pre-mobile era, and engagement is anchored around simple conversations yielding vanity metrics of Lkes, Fans, Followers and Sentiments.

    The LoYakk Platform was built with a "mobile-first" vision and therefore allows Enterprises to engage like never before:

    -  Go beyond simple chater and deliver Localized Content and Services

    - Mix National + Local messaging in a scalale manner at any geo-specifcity (pincode, city, town, state, country etc)

    - Allows User Segmentation based on location, profile etc 

    - Extend their current Social Media investments on their own branded App 

    Our product leadership and innovation coupled with the scale to orchestrate very large number communities is our competetive advantage.