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low cost aerial city surveillance & counter terrorism system
vevey, Switzerland Switzerland
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Company description
*****COST FREE ****aerial surveillance system (no cost for state/city !) how is it possible? see below! RC airships is a kind of LTA Platform Tools, As your request it can be configured with different accessory to implement gyrostabilized gimbals FLIR units or long-distance telecontrol and auto-program control. ******* Renting the Advertising surface of big remote controlled airship and giving for FREE AERIAL videos for TV networks.Police dept. counter terrorism etc..******** rc airships are mainly adopted in aerial AD, photo and video shooting, movie shooting, aerial surveillance, aerial remote measuring and sensing, science experiments, city planning, communication relay, and aerial spy etc. the biggest advantage of RC blips are low cost high visibility multi task anb long endurance tools. rc airships are also safe see the last TVchopper crash over phoenix nothing like this will occure with an rc airship! the flying cost are ridiculous but efficiency is really amazing. with new material and technology weather conditions, the biggest problem for airships, can be solved quite easily. we are looking for financial partner to develop our company. Any questions can be asked to us. not that the company exists since 2002 and is profitable. comment by Matthias Schwartz: virgin market = fantastic business to be in. With helicopter rental rates north of $500 per hour (plus $$$ for pilot, videographer, equipment, etc.) this is *the* way to go for dramatic birds-eye video footage in support of promotions, surveillance, construction progress documentation, or even live event communication, to name just a few possible applications. Keeping the price advantage while capturing a larger market like North America requires several units along with their operators to be available within short distances of potential engagements, so a very focused approach to marketing and operations will be necessary to create a profitable business model. we are looking for 500'000$ investement to devlopp our new 18 meter long autonomous UAV airship. for more info please contact me by e-mail
Business model

Renting the Advertising surface of big remote controlled airship and giving for free aerial videos for TV networks.Police dept. counter terrorism etc.. as the system is low cost is can be present on thousands of events. football matches, soccer, baseball, golf, almost all outdoor and indoor sports. all you need to make it working is: - an event - spectators and sponsors will follow... for police it can be an excellent aerial surveillance plattform, stable, can stay aloft for hours, extreemely safe, no crash risks. With that kind of success rate the obvious question is: Why isn't everyone using airship advertising? The even more obvious answer is: COST. Full sized airships cost several million dollars to purchase and several hundred thousand dollars per month to operate and typically have crews of 20 to 40 people. The average cost to an advertiser on the world's preeminent airship, The Goodyear Blimp, is upwards of $400,000 per night for lighted pixel board advertising! Bob Weinstein, Director of Advertising for Metropolitan Life says: "The cost of running the blimp for a whole month is equal to the cost of just one or two primetime commercials." He still thinks that's a bargain even though one primetime commercial can cost well over $300,000! This type of advertising is just too expensive for even most Fortune 500 companies but that's where Remote Controlled Airships come in. It can mirror the effectiveness of full-sized manned airships at a fraction of the cost! see our july new's more video's and pictures on our website


news 2008 a hybrid technology rc airship willbe launched for euro 2008 soccer cup surveillance for Swis police.