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Loudbounce is Simple

Merchants and retailers upload inventory without cost. Social users subscribe to offer products on their social pages to receive a commission for products sold.

Loudbounce matches the likely product consumer to the likely social profile group, thus introducing buyer to seller.

Loudbounce is an online social commerce platform that leapfrogs the centralized online networks that dominate today's ecommerce landscape by providing online social users an intuitive platform to capture advertising fees just like Facebook or Google.



Business model


Loudbounce is designed for merchants and online retailers to maximize social commerce by dynamically publishing product attributes, imagery and offerings to social channels achieving ROI 15X that of PPC and demographic target results less than 2 removed (compared to Google, Facebook 12-18 removed,) enabling buying behavior, semantic analysis and demographic profiling to be captured and exploited. 

In addition, Loudbounce provides active social network users the ability to create an online business without inventory, content or capital....So soccer moms, students and the like.. the promise of making money online may now be in reach!


This simplifies the merchandising and marketing process for advertisers and delivers superior demographic and behavioral data needed to maximize ROI, drive sales and improve lead conversion, by enabling markets to target these sought after narrow prospect groups such as personal social pages, niche-marketplaces and vertical web-properties.

The vast majority of advertising opportunities offered by major networks are PPC or version thereof; fees are calculated by (Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost ($) ÷ Ads clicked (#)

This advertising strategy is abandon by over 80% of small businesses, because satisfactory ROI is unattainable due to poor target demographic specificity and visibility

Loudbounce bundles the micro-networks of users online ‘footprints,’ creating a larger network with superior demographic & behavioral visibility.


Combining web content management, product information management, community and social media advertising tools, Loudbounce centralizes control of online retailer's product catalogue while streamlining the delivery of relevant product attributes, imagery, content, branding and pricing to multiple stores, affiliates and franchisees, giving online retailers the tools they need to effectively market brand and products across social platforms.


Competitive advantage

Experienced team, Broad deep set of advisors and industry relationships