Loomia: Turn-key Personalization
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Loomia provides a simple service for media and retail Web sites that recommends your items (video, music, products, etc.) to your users by understanding what they will like most.

Based on behavioral, textual, and social graph data from its partner network, Loomias SaaS-based recommendations platform enables The Wall Street Journal Online, NBC.com, CNET Networks, Audible and over fifty other media and retail websites to deliver a more powerful, personally relevant experience. Users can easily discover whats compelling according to their personal tastes and social circles through Loomias suite of offerings, which includes personal recommendations, the anonymous People Who Like This Also Like recommendations, checkout recommendations, and the recently-launched SeenThis? social recommendations. The SeenThis? tool provides users with a view of what their friends are reading and watching, delivered through a SeenThis? onsite publisher widget and a companion application on leading social networking sites

Georges Harik
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