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LongTail Video
The leading self-serve video product company of the web.
New York City, New York, United States United States
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LongTail Video is a New York-based startup that has pioneered the web video market. Our flagship product the - JW Player - is active on over one million websites and streams billions of videos each month. It is used by a diverse group of publishers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual bloggers. AddOns, a library of plugins and skins contributed by LongTail's community of developers that enable customers to customize their JW Player, are used by over 300,000 sites; and the AdSolution, LongTail's stand-alone, self-serve video ad serving system, serves over 200 million in-stream ad impressions each month to thousands of websites.

Recent additions to our family of products include Bits on the Run, an online video platform for managing, hosting and streaming your video content, and Open Video Ads, the world's first open source initiative to implement the IAB VAST 1.0 / 2.0 standard for video ad delivery.

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We pride ourselves as the leading self-serve video product company on the web.

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