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Scalable Infrastructure for Location Services
Madison, Wisconsin, United States United States
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Locomatix has developed a real-time platform with the capability to sort and analyze through millions of location-based data feeds, such as user locations, location based social media, location-based offers, etc. The Locomatix platform offers two broad capabilities: The first allows it to trigger notifications based on location, such as sending an alert when someone comes close to a piece of virtual information tagged to a place, and pushing a coupon when a consumer is near a store. This capability is integrated with a sophisticated privacy management system to allow the user to control who sees their location information, and when they see it, and at what resolution (e.g. block-level, or city-level). The second capability allows on-the-fly analytics on the location data; e.g. detecting hot spots in user motion data developing over the last 5 minutes. Our core technology enables the scale that is needed for these applications as well as the real time responsiveness.

Locomatix platform is now available for selected beta developers/partners. For more information, email info@locomatix.com.