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'It's Easy Being Green'
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Company description

LocateGreenHomes.com is a beautiful and user-friendly site that lists and markets new green homes for sale throughout the United States. Our site provides the builders of green homes an effective way to reach the buyers they seek.

We also provide easy to understand information for the home buying public about what green is, why to buy green, and additional tax breaks and other savings and rewards home buyers enjoy by buying green. 

Business model

LocateGreenHomes.com brings buyers looking for green homes together with builders of those green homes. Builders are compelled to list their homes on LGH for two main reasons:


1. Every listing is free - builders can list one home or a thousand and one homes all for the same price: Zero.

2. LGH, unlike other listing sites, actively markets every home on the site. Our internet marketing efforts get our green home message in front of over 64 million people, all of whom are in our target demographic, every month. 


When a buyers finds a home on LGH and then purchases that home the builder pays to LGH a 'broker fee'.


In 2010 LocateGreenHomes.com is projected to sell approximately 16 homes that will yield profit. Based on a standard brokers fee of 3% of the average new green home price of $300,000 we are forecasting year one profits of over $120,000.

In year three LGH is projected to sell approximately 1,836 homes. This sales volume will net an annual profit of over $16 million.

In year five the annual profit is forecast at $30 million, based on sales of over 3,300 homes - that is less than 10 homes per day, nationwide.


Competitive advantage

As a Green Home Listing Website - the only one of it's kind - LocateGreenHomes.com exclusively lists and markets newly constructed 'green' homes to potential home buyers and real estate agents nationally.


LocateGreenHomes.com is not a static site like other listing sites (that group together both green and non green, thereby insuring the energy efficient homes become lost is the crowd)  not only do we list green homes but we also actively market our site to our target demographic drawing potential buyers to our site rather than hoping, as the other sites do, that they will stumble upon the site, and then the homes therein.

We market green homes for builders - some of whom are doing an acceptable job at it - many who are not. We accomplish this by drip e-mail marketing, participating in home shows, internet advertising, newsprint, blog and magazine articles about us, doing talk radio spots, linking with other green sites and fully utilizing social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.