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Company description

LocalSense makes it easy for businesses and brands to connect with consumers and real social influencers to capitalize word of mouth, amplify social sharing, and increase revenues. Consumers are engaged, and have fun discovering local deals and helping their friends save money.

LocalSense is a simple yet powerful social commerce and viral geocentric marketing platform that proves with 100% confidence the ROI of social media advertising and promotions by measuring and quantifying the exact chain of events that lead to a purchase.

Our web-based dashboard gives businesses and brands drag and drop functionality to create and deploy location-based special offers and promotions that consumers discover, unlock, share, and redeem. The dashboard tracks all activity, sharing, sentiment, and transactions at each location.

We help businesses and brands LEAP ahead:

  • Learn: What people are saying and where.
  • Engage: Create promotions and offers
  • Act: Target your offers to your ideal customers
  • Prove ROI: We validate and prove it based on real numbers.

LocalSense just started limited private beta testing and will be opening public beta testing in mid-June.


Business model

The LocalSense mobile apps will be free for consumers. The platform and dashboard will be free to businesses, brands, and marketers for rapid market penetration and growth. 

Revenue will be generated from premium subscription access, and fees for consumer transactions and ad placement.

Competitive advantage

Team: Our developer team has worked together before, and we are very passionate about what we do. We eat difficult problems for lunch and create innovative solutions by dinner.

Relationships: We will be leveraging a variety of channel partners and strategic relationships for our roll-out and launch this summer. 

Technology: Powerful machine learning, data analytics, and our patent-pending social kinematics technology run behind the scenes. We will have access to an extraordinary amount of information about interest networks, consumer behavior, and emerging trends, and we will make it simple for customers to leverage that knowledge.

Other: We have phenomenal advisors, including a former Chief Scientist at IBM and a former VP of Research at SAP