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Santa Clara, California, United States United States
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LiveOps provides best-in-class on-demand call center technology, as well as virtual call center services through our network of over 20,000 independent home agents, to hundreds of companies in both direct response and enterprise markets. In the direct response market, LiveOps has gained the undisputed reputation as the best performing virtual call center, with 30% more revenue per campaign than traditional outsourcers. For the enterprise market, LiveOps helps companies transform their traditional call center into a more flexible, highly scalable, and cost-effective virtual call center model.
They provide the only complete virtual call center solution with:On-demand call center platform and applications , 20,000 independent home agents, Virtual call center best practices

Wendell Brown
Entrepreneurial inventor of internet, security, telecom, and virtual workforce technologies.
David Hornik
For more than a decade, David has worked with technology startups throughout the software sector.  In 2000, David joined August Capital to invest broadly in information technology companies, with a focus on enterprise application and infra...
Scott Banister
Scott built his career by identifying new markets and shaping innovative products for them. In 1995, he identified search engines as a significant advertising medium and invented the first products to automate marketing across multiple search engi...