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Live Insite

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Live Insite
a human approach to influencing customer behavior
Toronto, Canada Canada
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Company description

Live Insite is a revolutionary, real-time web personalization and targeting technology which drives increased engagement, conversions, and revenue for brands, publishers, and retailers.

Live Insite helps brands, publishers and digital media companies provide unique value to their customers and their advertisers. We give companies new power to unlock the true value behind data, gaining real time insights based on what people are viewing on your website - while they are looking at it. Our mission is to help companies gain additional value from their content, freeing them from reliance on historical, third party data. We allow you to create an engaging browsing experience by offering targeted content and ads that are unique to each individual browser.

The closer a brand can get to their consumers, the more loyalty and revenue they can generate. Live Insite goes beyond the theme of a website, the topic of a web page, analyzing what is being viewed by the reader all the way down to the word level - to answer “why are they looking at this information and ultimately, what do they want to do with it?"



Competitive advantage

Your site’s data is the best way to gain value for your brand, however all the major players deliver historical, third-party data to inform your present marketing decisions. Live Insite delivers real time, in-page data that enables you to discover new, deeper, and richer insights about your customers, allowing you to connect and interact with them from the very first time they visit your site.

Live Insite continuously learns about your site visitors and creates audience segments in real-time, allowing you to match your content and ad inventory with a visitor’s interests in their own time frame, and to reap richer, fuller, and more accurate ‘in-page’ data that is both more timely and actionable.