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La Jolla, California, United States United States
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Prepare yourself for the most dynamic and engaging new live combat game in decades.

Imagine living a Hollywood spy thriller or "first-person-shooter" video game. Live Battle puts you right into the action with "mission based" play. Every game is based on a scenario that could happen in real life - and requires problem-solving and teamwork as well as pinpoint aim and lightning-fast reflexes. »View our Missions

LiveBattle USA is the next generation of infrared-based combat simulation. For gamers familiar with "laser tag" and paintball, Live Battle is a whole new experience. No messy paint. No toy guns. Real, military-grade equipment is used to create the ultimate in realism. In fact, the same guns used in Live Battle are employed worldwide by law enforcement and military to train their personnel.

  • Safer than paintball - no bruises, no paint pellets
  • Enjoyable for families and corporate groups as well as hard-core gamers
  • Fun for both men and women, as well as kids of virtually any age
  • More realistic than any other simulation - real-time electronic feedback lets you know when you’ve made a "hit" or "kill"

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