Lithium Research and Development Company

Lithium Research and Development Company
News, information, technology and raw materials for the future mobile economy
Johannesburg, South Africa South Africa
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The websites and are both operational. These websites will be used as a news and information portal for the Li-ion raw materials industry, the vehicle industry and consumers. To date, the website has recorded more than 100 hits per day, and this has grown by 30% per month since inception in May 2009. Since May 2009, when the collection of statistics was initiated, search returns for Lithium-ion had increased by 20% by July (11% month-on-month in June and 8% month-on-month in July), indicating the need for information on the burgeoning Li-ion industry.

An index has been created,  the Li-ion Market Index which is composed of a cross section of listed companies that mine or use Lithium in their production processes and has outperformed the Dow (DJIA) and S&P 500 since inception.

The Li-ion industry will evolve at an extremely fast pace. Only participants in the Li-ion industry  that can keep abreast of the latest technologies will remain competitive enough to survive the continuous evolution of the industry.


Business model
Revenue is generated from advertising and from commission from raw material sales.