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Company description

Lineapple is a mobile application that turns your phone into a waiting room. Lineapple is the 1st all-in-one waiting solution that manages waiting in real-time. Lineapple monitors how much free time you have and alerts you of things to do in the area with the free time you now have. The app allows you to see your wait-time and your position in line.

Lineapple is a smartphone application that allows users the ability to hold their place in line and find deals nearby while waiting. Lineapple business model is to market location based promotional space to small businesses in the retail industry. We focus on retail stores with less than 5 years of operations and/or currently advertise. We also focus on mid to large enterprise level companies who are expanding to new cities & states and also retail stores at the 1100 US malls anchored by a department store. Lineapple allows for them to do something before they wait, while they wait, and after they wait. Lineapple App also allows for the first advertising in the world that can guarantee a person is available to use the advertisement

Lineapple allows the user the ability to find the businesses they are waiting at, get in line (whether the line/appointment is position based or time based) and then give them discounts to the stores and events in the waiting area. When the business owner is ready for the user to return Lineapple will begin a timer on their phone (the business owner can set amount of time preferably 1-5 min). This model allows users to take advantage of potential lost time and advertisers the ability to attract more clients. Lineapple falls into a new industry we term ‘environmental networking’ (app to mortar) that focuses on allowing people to interact with their physical environment. 



Business model

Lineapple does not charge to use the app. It is FREE for business’ that create lines and users that get in them. Lineapple makes revenue by running promotions that a user can access in the “Wait Area” or the “Wait Deals” section of the mobile application based on their wait time. 

  • Our target market for users is doctor’s offices, hospitals and major restaurant chains.
  • New York City is our target market for 2013 and 2014 with a plan to go national in 2015. 
  • Applebee’s and Chili’s would save $1M a year and increased profits by using  Lineapple.
  • Hospitals and Doctors will be able to reduce contact of patients with communicable disease patients
  • Lineapple will sell wait time analyses to restaurants and hospitals.
  • Our revenue target market is small and large retailers and service providers with a service that takes one hour or less. We expect to gross approximately $150M over the next five years from promotional advertising.
  • Lineapple is sitting on patent pending technology that will help us build the world’s first wait search engine where users can search the wait times of brick and mortar establishments. 
  • Lineapple will be successful because we are the first, and currently the only mobile first cross-industry wait management system. 



Competitive advantage

The Critical Success Factor (CSF) of Lineapple is undoubtedly its user friendliness. The whole website and mobile application is so easy to use that it makes using Lineapple easy for both the consumer and the business. Besides, the later processes are easy to use as well. Consumers only have to show them the deal and use it. The business doesn’t have to collect a coupon or add it to their database. Everything is done automatically and easily. 

Intellectual Property is also vital to our business process. We will be employing several patents in utility and design. This will sure up our market presence and keep us ahead of any future competitors. 

The Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) of Lineapple will be its reputation. No other company will have as many businesses using this type of platform. Lineapple will continue to improve their business relationships over time, social integrations will continue to grow with new platforms i.e. instagram, and others that come. The cost to users will always be free.